Getting Started

In the Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency world, the most important thing to do is……… to get started.

There are many ways to profit from Cryptocurrencies including but not limited to faucet’s, mining, investing and trading.

In the steps below I will show you how to get started with faucets. I’ve personly started with these and although it’s a very slow start with small amounts at a time, it at least gets you started without costing a cent. I’ve made my first R2500 with these faucets before I started expanding my portfolio.

Step 1: Go to and Register your account.
Coinpot is a mini wallet that accepts your faucet payments for Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash.

Now that you’ve got your Coinpot wallet all setup you can move on to step 2.

Step 2: Click here or follow this link to go to and register yourself.
Remember to use your the same email address that you used when you registered your Coinpot account.

Moonbitcoin is the faucet where you will collect your Bitcoin Core coins.

Once you’re logged in, click on Claim Now an collect your very first Bitcoin.

Congratulations and welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Step 3: Click here or follow this link to go to, register yourself and claim your first Litecoin.

Step 4: Click here or follow this link to go to, register yourself and claim your first Dogecoin.

Step 5: Click here or follow this link to go to, register yourself and claim your first Dash coin.

That’s it, you’re done.

You can claim these faucet’s every 5 minutes to collect your coins.

If you visit these faucets daily you will also receive a daily bonus of up to 100% on your claims.

To get even more on your claims, look at the top of the page where you will find a referral link, share this with your friends and family to get an additional bonus on every claim they make.

Now all you need to do is claim as often as possible and hope that the price of these cryptocurrencies goes through the roof.